The aim of the Club is to connect our members with foreign markets. We provide to our members, i.e. we arrange their presentation to renowned companies and corporations in Europe and beyond.

Although we are now focused on what we do best - and that is making connections - the area of our activities will expand depending on the needs of our members. Therefore, we already offer contacts with legal experts in the field of EU law and international trade, and bring potential investors to the domestic market.

One of the areas of our interest is tourism. Presentation of our hotels and destinations for the purpose of popularizing congress tourism. Production of promotional materials for the domestic and foreign markets, organizing business meetings, events and similar events.

  • Marko Erdeljac, MBA President

    We consider raising awareness of the importance of international connectivity and encouraging foreign trade to be our duty.

  • Josip Buljat Secretary

    Opening of new business horizons in countries throughout Europe and the world is exactly what Croatia needs at this time.